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VINYASA FLOW YOGA - a dynamic flow Yoga

YOGALATES - a fusion of Yoga & Pilates

 @ Studio At No. 6 - Hassocks, West Sussex

Mixed ability classes - all welcome.


‘Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom you may not have known even existed’
B.K.S. Iyengar

Flow        Energise       Restore

All my classes are mixed ability and a range of ages. I work on the basis that we are all individuals, no-one has the same body, every body has a different history and restrictions. No-one should feel excluded from Yoga & Yogalates. These classes are for everyone and is a chance for self-exploration, growth and creating space in your body and mind in an ever-increasing demanding world.

You will leave my classes with a sense of lightness, ease and relaxation. You will build strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. In Yoga we focus on alignment incorporating anatomy and philosophy in each class.  In Yogalates we flow between Yoga & Pilates with a focus on strengthening the core & pelvic floor.

Practising Yoga & Yogalates will give you a chance to slow down and reconnect, taking your focus inwards and notice what is happening in your body and be with where you are today taking modifications and variations when you need to. I teach a balance of mind and body with clear instruction and demonstration.

Rebecca is a warm, friendly and patient instructor. I come away from class feeling calm and relaxed but knowing that I've had a good workout too.

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